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Ovoot Tolgoi coal mine is located in Gurvan Tes soum og Umnugovi province, owned by SGS LLC.

Mongolia's vast reserves of high-quality coal, combined with its close proximity to country, the world's largest consumer of coal, and high demand Asian markets-make Mongolia a growing strategic player in the global coal market.
Yellow dump truck loading minerals copper, silver, gold, and other  at mining quarry.
Crystal Top Group LLC has operated in the following main open pit mines, named Bumbat, Khalzan, Dorgonot, Naran gol, Taishir, Urt Bulag and Ovoot Tolgoi.

We have successfully completed mining operation, processing and rehabilitation of deposits with between 200-400 thousand.m3 reserve and exploration in total of 26433.8 ga area.
Construction work of Zuunbayan-Khangi 226km has completed and construction work of Bogdkhan 144.9km railroad base structure is operating.

This construction is considered as a first meeting of three ways in Mongolian railway history.
Executive Excellence LLC is representing our entry to the real estate management sector by providing service of comfortable, safe workplace, advanced technology and consulting service in this era of rapidly growing competition.

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