About us

Crystal Top Group LLC, established in 2013, is a domestically invested mining company that is growing and expanding rapidly.

Today, we are a group company with eight subsidiaries that operate their businesses in many sectors, including geological consulting, exploration work, mining operations, reclamation, gardening, road construction, real estate, security and others.

For the last 10 years, we have successfully performed mining exploration, operation, and reclamation works at a high level of professional with the help of a skilled and experienced team, advanced technology and software.

We have expanded our activity scope by starting road construction in 2022 and working to contribute to the infrastructure development of Mongolia. Our team is proud to have operated the gold deposit, which was watery and deep, without accidents for the first time during 4 seasons of non-stop work.

Our responsibility for our country is to contribute to the infrastructure, mining, social well-being, economic development, environmental protection, investment, employment opportunities and utilization of advanced technologies in our country, those all lead any country to the next level of development.

We have contributed to the environmental development of Mongolia by performing the gardening work on 87.27 hectares of land for a total of 3.7 billion MNT.